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No New Posts What You Need to Know

Here you'll find the rules, list of races and other important features.

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19 43 Activity Check #2
by Larke DeTome
Aug 12, 2008 14:44:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Plot

Find out the story behind Falhid.

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3 3 Religion
by Belladonna Duyfken
Jul 9, 2008 0:35:24 GMT -5
No New Posts Registry

Come here to register your character, make sure you've read the rules, plot etc before doing so.

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No New Posts Auditions

Major characters will be placed here, please follow the rules when auditioning.

2 2 Audition Rules
by Arianna Calanthe
Jul 21, 2008 5:51:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Away&&Quitting

If you are planning on leaving us for a short time, or leaving us all together please let us know on this board.

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3 8 Oi! Sorry about that...
by Felix
Aug 12, 2008 10:17:14 GMT -5
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Got some q&s? Come and post it here.

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No New Posts Bhaltair Castle

Bhaltair Castle is one of the oldest structures in all of Falhid. It is built like a fortress, and all the inhabitants can live inside for months on end when put under siege.

The castle is 4 stories high with turrets on either corner. The castle is built from a beautiful reddy sandstone that was said to have been bought from over the Great Sea from a foreign country. The castle has beautiful high arches inside, built from white marble. The ceilings are incredibly high, and it is said the architect was killed as soon as his work was finished so his secrets could never be put to another castle.

Most of the windows are glassless and this is castles greatest downfall, in winter it gets deathly cold, and when it rains the whole building smells of damp and mould. In the dining hall, one of the most spectacular sights can be seen, a huge 12 foot high stained glass window, depicting a scene of the Princess Zaira and the elf Payden throwing themselves into the river.

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No New Posts Terulla

This village is a sad, poverty filled place. The humans live here in small quarters in living conditions not fit for cockroaches. Raids from the elves and other creatures, and the ridiculously high prices of taxes that the Clan Lords impose, mean the people live in squalor. This results in many young children being sold into slavery or prostitution because either the parents cannot bear to see their children stave to death, or they wish to feed their own hungry bellies.

The village sits at the foot of Bhaltair Castle, which means the Clan Lord has a perfect vantage point over which to watch his property. His knights often frequent the village, pillaging and destroying, just for the sake of it. This village is strictly human; no other creature has ever dwelt here. Most of the village people spend their days tending to the fields, or serving in the castle as servants and grounds carers. Some villages resort to stealing for a living, but this is not recommended as the penalty is death, and if the Clan Lord spares you the other village people will not.

1 17 Midnight Run {open
by Alexander
Sept 12, 2008 18:28:14 GMT -5
No New Posts Aaeesha

The Aaeesha is most famously known for bringing the death to the two lovers Zaira and Payden. In a most cruel twist of irony Aaeesha stands for ‘life’. Before the death, the River was quite an ordinary place, a tiny trickle in the summer, frozen solid in winter, flowing quietly in the autumn and a raging torrent in the spring as the snows from the mountains flowed into it. But after the death, the river is now considered a sacred place, most say that the spirits of the two lovers live in the water, and any lovers who bathe together in the river will be bound together in love forever. Many people come and pray to the spirits of Zaira and Payden, often you will come to the River and small offerings of food and rose petals will be scattered along the shore.

Surrounding the river Aaeesha is thick, dense forest which is hard to penetrate, so a rough path was cut through it, but be warned, leaving the path would surely mean death. The forest is long and the trees all look similar, wild beasts such as lions and bears roam the woods looking for their next meals.

1 4 Paying My Respects [Open]
by Cory McQuiggin
Sept 2, 2008 8:08:34 GMT -5

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No New Posts Ryszard Castle

Ryszard Castle is considered the most beautiful structure in all of Falhid. Legend says it was created from the Earth by the first elves of Falhid, and sometimes it is easy to think that the structure simply rises from the Earth. When you walk into the hallowed halls, the magic in the walls is evident; they seem to sparkle with a certain life that is seldom found in castles these days.

Its walls are a dark brown stone, much the same colour as the earth it stands on and the columns that support its huge 3 storey walls, curl around in intricate patterns that look too fine and delicate to be carved by hand, they almost resemble tree trunks, and they too are created from the same earthen tones. Ryszard Castle is one of the few castles in the entire country that has glass in every window. It has many tapestries that cover the walls, each one depicting a different scene from the elves history, and each one lovingly hand crafted. The bright threads give the castle a happy and lively look.

2 14 Some Alone Time [Alexander]
by Alexander
Sept 8, 2008 0:08:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Bawleil

The village of Bawliel is a fairly productive village. It is quite large and is always bustling with activity. The markets that are held there on a weekly basis are filled with all different hand crafted odds and ends, as well as produce. The people are happy, well-fed and work hard. The village is situated in the centre of a great forest, which means food is plentiful. The forest is full of roots and berries that are edible by themselves, and as additives to other foods, not only that but the ground is soft and damp, meaning crops grow like wild fire. This village is mostly populated by the elves, but due to such a high living standard, many other creatures choose to call it their home such as; vampires, centaurs and elementals.

The Clan Lords gain much from Bawliel, meaning they mostly leave it alone. Most of the people are fairly wealthy, especially the merchants, so the clan lords benefit by being able to raise the taxes without much of a mumble from the towns folk. On the weekends Bawliel is a hive of activity, street performers, markets and Fairs are common. Most of the creatures that live in Bawliel are extremely superstitious, and throw an annual fair to acknowledge the God of Growth, Tevon, who they believe is the one who makes the crops grow so well. This fair draws creatures from all over Falhid.

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3 49 [open] Dancing in the Rain
by Cory McQuiggin
Sept 7, 2008 10:05:58 GMT -5
No New Posts Fomiltuo Springs

These springs have been here since the creation of Falhid, named after the famous elven explored Fomiltuo. For many it represents discovery and renewal and many creatures come and bathe in the springs hoping for enlightenment. The springs are deeper than any creature can imagine, and you must be wary to stay on the edge when bathing in them. Many a curious creature has dived into the system of tunnels that curl beneath the warm ebony rocks. No one has yet managed to find where the spring originates from, but everyone knows wherever it comes from is a place full of deep magic.

The springs have miraculous healing powers, and over the years like the Aeesha River have become a sacred place to many creatures. The elves believe the Goddess of Life, Chava, dwells within the waters, and that is why the springs posses such unnatural healing powers. Although the springs cannot stop death, a few minutes bathing in its water, and most wounds, however severe can be healed. Drinking the water, helps, but does not heal internal wounds and diseases.

Moderator: Arianna Calanthe

1 8 Am I Ever Really Alone...? {OPEN}
by Cory McQuiggin
Sept 7, 2008 9:48:55 GMT -5

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No New Posts Syngotto Castle

Syngotto Castle is the most modern looking castle in Falhid, having been only around for roughly 50 years. It shows no sign of age and doesn’t have that same ‘feel’ about it. The walls don’t whisper stories of war, deceit, love and passion and other secretive matters that they watch over silently. Syngotto was built as a castle of war, it has high front walls made of huge granite blocks. A wide, deep moat surrounds the entire castle and if the frigid water isn’t enough to deter enemies, the creatures that live within the water will be. Around the walls are archery towers, the walls around them curve upwards meaning the people on the ground, have little or no chance of shooting the archers above them.

Inside the castle, the rooms are large and lavish and it is obvious a lot of care has gone into the decoration and arrangement of the castle. The castle was built not only for protection, but for comfort. The roofs are high and soaring above the floor. Stained glass windows dot the Castle halls. Paintings along the walls show the Clan Leaders that have come and gone in the Castles short time, the paintings are light and happy. The faces depicted in the portraits are smiling and beautiful, which portrays the entire mood of the castle.

Moderator: Arianna Calanthe

1 6 A stroll in the Garden?[Cory and Felix]
by Felix
Aug 28, 2008 9:43:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Dulnount

This place is more a town than a village; it is the largest town in Falhid. It actually curves around the Syngotto Castle. With the castle in the centre of town; it gives the Clan Lord a perfect vantage point. The entire town is situated on a hill, with the castle at the top and the town sloping away and down. On one side of the town are wild forests that eventually turns into the forest that borders the edge of Bawliel, and on the other side is the Great Sea. Nobody knows how far this sea stretches, or what lies on the other side of it. At night the Sea crashes against the Sea Wall, as if it is trying to break through and destroy the town.

The people of Dulnount are fairly happy, although sometimes tax prices trouble them. Some streets can be rather seedy, pubs and brothels are common, and bring in large amounts of money for those involved. The fish business is also huge, being in such close proximity with the ocean, fresh fish is plentiful. Dulnount is probably the most diverse town in Falhid, containing creatures of all different types; although it is very rare to see humans here, except of course the women in the brothels. The most common race found here are nymphs and sprites, which are drawn by the ocean.

Moderator: Arianna Calanthe

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No New Posts The Great Sea

The Great Sea is one of Falhid's biggest mysteries, no body has ever crossed it the whole way and returned alive, ever now and then a ship mast, or planks of wood float up onto the tiny beach that surronds Dulnount, but apart from that no sight, or word from a neighbouring country as ever been recorded.

The city of Dulnount is built around the shores of the Great Sea, with huge break water walls surronding the city to protect itself from the massive storms that often hit the coastal town. There are many piers that jut out from the wall, small personal boats, or larger comercial boats are often anchored to them. These boats are used strictly for fishing. A small beach several hundred metres away from the city stretches along the coast, in the summer it is a nice place where the Lords and Ladies like to go for walks, sometimes there are markets held along the sandy beach.

1 9 Spirit Me Away
by Zacharias
Aug 6, 2008 18:30:38 GMT -5

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No New Posts Spamness

Come here to discuss anything and everything from aardvarks to zuchini.

1 3 (Vent) NO equestrian Olympics for Aussies
by Arianna Calanthe
Sept 3, 2008 4:34:36 GMT -5
No New Posts The Arcade

Come here to play games of all sorts; like The Lunchbox Game, Duck Duck Goose etc etc

1 7 Quote-play
by Zacharias
Aug 14, 2008 17:44:05 GMT -5
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15 16 Odahaceka
by Oda Admin
Sept 9, 2008 0:40:23 GMT -5
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87 88 Age of Intrigue: England's Restoration [PHPBB]
by Privy Council
Oct 28, 2011 9:47:07 GMT -5


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